Baldurs Gate II script

Script A universal script for Baldur´s Gate II
Control healing, ranged/melee-mode, follow/leader-mode by Hotkeys
Automatic healing during fights.
Automatic exchange of potions.
Some combat 'intelligence'.
Thiefs search for traps.
Take a look into the script source for more info.
Download file
Compiled script (all you need to try it out)
Size: 90.2 Kb / Last update: 11.Dec.2001
Download file ralf.baf
Script source (needs updated IDS-Files)
Size: 51.1 Kb / Last update: 11.Dec.2001

Script-Generator My script is created by a script-generator.
I use M4 as script-generator because the BG2 scripting "language" is the most awful language I ever saw in my life. I even won't call it language - maybe it's a kind of extended configuration file or sth like that.
Download file ralf.m4
This is the M4 script definition file.
Size: 11.1 Kb / Last update: 11.Dec.2001
Download file macros.m4
This contains the M4 macros used in ralf.m4.
Size: 9.8 Kb / Last update: 22.Jun.2001
M4 is delivered together with the Cygwin-Utilities.
To install the Cygwin-Utilities download their Setup-Tool - but be warned: It installs about 70Mb if you select all.

Download All the above files in one zip
Download file
Size: 22.9 Kb / Last update: 11.Dec.2001
This zip also contains my Makefile
(plus some tools needed to compile - mostly taken from J.C.´s)

If you detect any errors or have suggestions
please feel free to send a Mail Thanks for your help.

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