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RS-Library Namespace List

Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
rsI put all my code into this namespace
rs::cmdlineComfortable command line interface
rs::dbfDBase compatible database reader
rs::errError-classes used for exceptions
rs::fileFiles and Directories
rs::file::filterInterface for programs which act as filter
rs::gen_algoSome generic algorithms
rs::gen_mathGeneric mathematical algorithms
rs::iniClasses to read/write inifiles
rs::oem2ansiWindows/OEM to ANSI character conversion
rs::outputOutput functions to make stream output more convenient
rs::posixHere I place all POSIX stuff
rs::rs_boostCode from the boost-library (plus some similar additional code)
rs::strString functions to make string/char* handling more convenient
rs::sys_depHere I place system-dependent stuff (non-POSIX)
rs::userSimple user interaction for command line utils
rs::xmlClasses to write xml

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