Here you find some of my XEmacs modes

XML/XSL mode Major mode for editing XML/XSL
Mode for editing XML and XSL files.
Download file xmlxsl.el
Size: 42 Kb / Last update: 5.Oct.2002
Syntax highlighting
Many tag-creation defuns
Movement and validation defuns
jump-to-other-tag jumps to corresponding tag (i.e. from <TOPIC> to </TOPIC>). If it detects any unmatched tag, it stops with an error message.

Win9x specific Modes

Hamster mode Major mode for editing Hamster scripts
Download file hamster-mode.el
Size: 8.8 Kb / Last update: 19.Jul.2001
Syntax highlighting

If you detect any errors, missing defuns or have suggestions
please feel free to send a Mail Thanks for your help.

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