Here´s some XEmacs stuff:

eLisp code Some eLisp code forcing XEmacs to fit my needs.
Some modes for XEmacs
Complete eLisp packages
Debugger Control for Sun Workshop and Gnu gdb
Some eLisp snippets (with defun index)

GnuClient Win9x port of GnuClient
GnuClient is a tool that allows you to use XEmacs as Win9x default editor.

Hide DOS-Window Hide those annoying DOS-Windows opening with XEmacs under Win9x.
Everytime you start XEmacs under Win9x it opens a superfluous DOS-Window. To get rid of this window I use a little tool called Run.
You may download it from
the Run homepage
or use my slightly modified version:
Download file Help
View command line help
Download file Win9x binary
Size: 17.8 Kb / Last update: 22.Dec.2002
To use it you´ll also need cygwin1.dll! (which is not included)
Download file C++-Source
Size: 27.7 Kb / Last update: 22.Dec.2002

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