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GnuClient Version 1.72 - Win9x port
I´ve fixed Gnuclient 1.7 to work together with XEmacs under Win9x.
Fixes and changes:
Integer overflow of NT-Version fixed
XEmacs can ask Gnuserv to shutdown
(needed because kill did not work under Win9x - it seems to work now, but asking for shutdown should not make any problems.)
Normally gnuclient starts XEmacs, if no running instance of XEmacs is found. This version has the option to call another editor instead (default: NOTEPAD).
What is Gnuclient?
Gnuclient works like an editor. Gnuclient is starting up as quick as Notepad and is exactly as powerful as your XEmacs.
Gnuclient does not edit files itself, but tries to talk to XEmacs and ask him if he would like to edit a file.
When launching XEmacs you have to start a programm called Gnuserv.
Gnuserv enables the communication between your XEmacs and any number of Gnuclients.
Gnuserv is included in this package plus two eLisp-Files showing how to use it.
Another cool tool included in the package is Gnudoit.
Gnudoit allows you to ask your XEmacs to execute a specific eLisp-expression. This makes the power of XEmacs availiable to your batches.
Both Gnuclient and Gnudoit are able to start your XEmacs if Gnuserv is not running.
This package is definitely a must have for XEmacs/W9x users!
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Executables for Win9x
Needed Lisp-code
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