Tool to fix incorrect paths in MP3-playlists / MP3-Dupefinder
Use this tool to exchange playlists with your friends or after moving around or renaming your MP3s.
Automatic correction if filename is the same
Interactive correction (searches for similar filenames)
Works with M3U and PLS playlist format (conversion available)
Can also be used to find duplicate MP3s (creates a playlist containing dupes)
Download fileHelpView command line help

Download fileWin9x binary Size: 162.9 Kb / Last update: 2.Jan.2003
To use it you´ll also need cygwin1.dll! (which is not included)

Download fileC++-Source Size: 14.6 Kb / Last update: 2.Jan.2003
To compile the source you´ll need my library.
The library and the source should compile under Linux as well.

Download fileUsage example Size: 1.3 Kb / Last update: 19.Apr.2002

If you detect any errors or have suggestions
please feel free to send a Mail Thanks for your help.

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