Cost calculation and connection check for Fritz!Web
Calculate your online costs caused by FritzWeb
Daily, weekly and monthly costs.
Costs for each provider.
Costs for explicit periods.
Dectect if and which connection is or may go online.
Show known connections sorted by current costs.
Uses Euro now (conversion from old ini)
This tool is especially useful for Hamster-Users, because you can use it to detect if you are online from within a Hamster-Script and automatically start your mail/news exchange.
I´ve written some scripts showing how to integrate it into Hamster.
Download fileHelpView command line help

Download fileWin9x binary Size: 250.5 Kb / Last update: 7.Dec.2002
To use it you´ll also need cygwin1.dll! (which is not included)

Download fileC++-Source Size: 33 Kb / Last update: 7.Dec.2002
To compile the source you´ll need my library.
The library and the source should compile under Linux as well.

Tip: You can use edcfg.exe to read the contents of the inifile created with -o

If you detect any errors or have suggestions
please feel free to send a Mail Thanks for your help.

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